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Justin Trudeau is currently not on vacation.

Read about his previous vacations below!

Previous vacations:

Februrary - March 2018

Trudeau’s Disastrous Trip to India

Justin Trudeau took a vacation to India, and it was an unmitigated disaster. He was snubbed on arrival, being greeted not by the Prime Minister, but by a junior Agriculture Minister. Trudeau then misspelled Mahatma Gandhi’s name in a tweet, garnering more negative attention from the press.

While in India, Trudeau spent most of his Official Visit posing for photos in front of landmarks, instead of working to secure vital market access for Canadians. He even used taxpayer dollars to fly a celebrity chef halfway around the world to serve him and his Liberal friends.

But, worst of all, Jaspal Atwal, a convicted attempted murder, was invited to dine with Trudeau at an event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner. Justin Trudeau’s office then offered two different explanations for the blunder.

First, the Liberals blamed Atwal’s attendance on the actions of a lone Liberal MP. Trudeau’s office then offered a completely different explanation for Atwal, this time forcing their National Security Advisor to try to help reinforce their conspiracy theory that India was somehow responsible for organizing Jaspal Atwal's invitation.

This prompted India’s Ministry of External Affairs to say Trudeau’s conspiracy theory is “baseless and unacceptable.” This ordeal has now been characterized as a serious rift in the relationship between Canada and India.

January 2018

Trudeau's second Davos trip!

The numbers from Trudeau’s latest trip to Davos, Switzerland are in, and it cost almost $700,000 – that’s your tax money!

All for Trudeau and his entourage to attend this “annual retreat of billionaires, celebrities, and world leaders.” Lots of money when you’re the ones paying for it. But in the life of Justin Trudeau, it’s just another trip!

December 2017

Chinese Trade Deal

Trudeau took a vacation to China, promising significant progress on a new “progressive” trade deal between our two countries, but he failed to produce anything meaningful – despite the Liberals promising he would.

Instead, all Canadians got was the bill for a four-day photoshoot in China!

November 2017

APEC Summit in Vietnam

Trudeau put the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal at risk by not bothering to even show up to the final meeting – which caught our allies and trading partners off guard. The Trade Minister tried claiming it was a scheduling mishap. Our allies took it as a snub.

This strained relationships with our close friends, like Japan and Australia, and earned Trudeau international admonishment.

Christmas 2016

Trudeau’s illegal Bahamas vacation

Justin Trudeau travelled to a private island in the Bahamas -- a trip that turned into a scandal when his travel was deemed to be an illegal conflict of interest.

The Prime Minister charged Canadian taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars to hang out with his friends on this private tropical island.

Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer, was the first person to raise this issue with the Ethics Commissioner, and expose the unethical behaviour of Justin Trudeau. After a year of the Liberals insisting the Prime Minister had done nothing wrong, the Ethics Commissioners report found that Trudeau committed multiple violations of federal ethics law.

So far, Justin Trudeau has refused to repay the more than $200,000 the Prime Minister billed taxpayers for his illegal vacation.

July 2016

Summer Camp for Billionaires

Justin Trudeau attended a ritzy conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, with some of the world’s richest billionaires and elites. This lavish get together, by invite only, is hosted by an American boutique investment bank.

Justin Trudeau said he was at the Sun Valley Conference for official government business, however, many use it as a vacation opportunity for it’s full list of things like mountain biking and white water rafting.

While the Liberal government canceled tax credits for parents who enroll their kids in sports and arts activities, there is apparently enough taxpayer money to send Justin Trudeau to summer camp for billionaires.

March 2016

Mr. Trudeau goes to Washington

Justin Trudeau showed up to Washington with a 44-member entourage made up of celebrities, his children’s nannies, and his in-laws.

Rather than bringing along his Natural Resources Minister to, you know, advocate on behalf of Canadian jobs, Justin Trudeau decided to squeeze him out to include people like his top Liberal fundraisers.

His priority wasn't you, or to negotiate for pipelines that would benefit hard-working Canadians. He preferred a photo op with the President that benefited his friends and the Liberal Party.

January 2016

Trudeau’s Trip to Davos

Justin Trudeau attended the lavish World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, with the world’s elite, and it only cost taxpayers $855,000!

That’s right; you paid close to a million dollars so that Trudeau could party with Kevin Spacey, Bono, and the Davos elite.

But don’t worry, he made sure to take time out of his busy schedule of parties, and hobnobbing, to dismiss our country’s energy sector, telling investors to focus more on Canada’s resourcefulness than its resources.

December 2015

The massive Paris delegation!

One of Justin Trudeau’s very first activities as Prime Minister was to fly 300+ people across the ocean to Paris to talk about climate change.

This delegation – which was more than double the size of the U.S. team – cost taxpayers well over a million dollars!

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna also charged taxpayers almost $7,000 for glamour shots while there.

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